Standard Theme Design Kit PSD Now Available

We have 2 distinct and ambitious goals for Standard Theme. The first is the be the de facto professional blogging theme on the market. The second is to be the default theme template that Web Developers and Designers use as a starting point when they design and implement a professional blog in WordPess.

We are proud of the progress we have made so far towards the first goal, and we will continue to make strides in refining the way we accomplish that vision, but this post is about the 2nd goal.

This post is about designers.

I submit for public release the Standard Theme Design Kit [download].

The zip contains a fully layered and descriptive PSD file representing the look, feel, and style of Standard Theme. This will no doubt help you, as the designer, create composites and mockups for clients. You can quickly and easily move items around, stub in and style parts of the page, change text/copy, swap colors, flip images, etc., without ever cracking open a browser (let alone a text editor).

Designers have done an outstanding job customizing Standard Theme to date, a quick peek at our showcase is evidence of that, and we are hoping that this will remove one more barrier to good design.

Special thanks to Umstattd Media and Trisha Cupra for the recommendations in our forum community, to our Creative Lead Jared for starting it, and to our design intern Alex for pushing this one over the finish line.