Standard Theme FAQs & Tutorials

Our developer and support community around Standard Theme continues to amaze me and we are very keen to add value to the Support License. I cannot speak enough of the folks hanging out and helping each other. From programming questions to design tips to candid, heartfelt feedback on theme customizations. We’re having fun!

One of our developers, Michael, has really been rocking it and proving that we are not merely in the community development or technical support business. We offer much more.

Here is a taste of some tutorials and FAQ answers we make available to our Support License customers, and this isn’t even the primary forum area.

That’s not all! When you purchase the Standard License, you basically purchase a single version. But when you purchase the Support License, you get every version, now and into the future, for the life of the theme. You also get our theme customizations.

One thing is for certain, these lists will continue to grow so keep that in mind as you decide which license best suits your needs.