Standard Theme: A WordPress Theme Made by Bloggers for Bloggers

**UPDATE** After (or before) you read this you should know that we’ve updated Standard to Version 3… and it’s nearly an entirely new product! Check out my thoughts here.

I realized that I haven’t explicitly mentioned to this growing community of TentBloggers the fact that I use Standard Theme to power this blog and that it is, without question, my WordPress Blogging Theme of choice.

Sure, I’ll admit it – I am 100% biased since this Blogging Framework is something that I built with my own hands!

But it has grown so much and has been so well received (Mashable noted it to be one of the Top 8 WordPress Themes out there!) that I’ve been forced to build an amazing team around it so as to support the growing interest from bloggers who simply demand excellence and quality when it comes to their blogs and the blogging themes that they use.

I built this WordPress Theme simply because there was no other theme out there that was able to meet my exacting needs, which were many:

  • It had to meet the highest requirements in terms of CSS/XHTML validation, load-speed optimization, and strict semantic development techniques (I’m a software developer by trade).
  • It had to include, natively (without bloat and without extra plugins), industry-standard best practices as it related to Search Engine Optimization. No ifs, ands, or buts here! I spend valuable time creating value for others in terms of content and I don’t want my blog and information architecture to screw it up for me in terms of search engines!
  • It had to be flexible in terms of design so that I could throw on a beautiful coat of paint without compromising the code-layer below.
  • I wanted it to be minimal, pleasing to the eye, and exceptionally functional as it related to social sharing capabilities, Feedburner integration, and more.
  • I needed advertisement spaces (so I could pay my bills!) that were intuitive and easy to manage, so I baked it right in!
  • It had to be fast, load quickly, and respond even more quickly to my visitors. Local access to jQuery, CSS3 options, and native WordPress 3.0 features were locked and loaded.

And more. As you might imagine, there was nothing out there like it so I simply had to develop it myself!

[tentblogger-vimeo 13723377]

Since then, people like Chris Brogan, Michael Hyatt, and more daily are converting their WordPress-Powered blogs to our solidly-coded and industry-standard based theme.

Needless to say, I’m extremely proud of it and I’ve been seriously blessed to have some raving fans (many of you!) and an amazing community that surrounds it. What more could someone ask for?

If you have any questions about Standard Theme then please feel free to ask me via the comments! Even better, you can ask many of the other TentBloggers here that use the theme for their thoughts on using it!

Just like Levar Burton said on Reading Rainbow:

But you don’t have to take my word for it!

Make Money Selling Standard Theme!

Finally, did you know that I created an Affiliate Program for it? You can actively sell the Standard Theme to your community and visitors to your blog! We’ll give you 50% of the final sale!

What is an affiliate marketing program you say? It’s one of the many ways in which bloggers make money and a few sales of Standard Theme can easily put you “in the black” as it relates to your yearly web hosting costs! Pretty sweet, right?

Don’t Forget That You’ll Need…

Please don’t forget that Standard Theme is a self-hosted only WordPress Blogging Theme and that you’ll need a web host before you can use this theme.

Not sure which one to use? I list 20 of them here that I’ve personally used and recommend.

In addition, I’m running a promotion through Dreamhost that’ll give you an extra domain name for life! Check that out here.