A Small Update to My Work Environment and Standing Desk

[This is part of the Problogger Home Office Series.]

I’ve been taking it slow and steady (as they say) when it comes to finding the picture-perfect setup for a problogger – and as I mentioned before it’s pretty slow because I’m having to spend any additional capital that I’ve got into fixing up my house which needs more than a few repairs.

As my wife and I see it I can wait a bit longer to have the “ultimate” office environment, especially if the plumbing needs fixing and the water heater is broken!

As you can see I’ve ditched the IKEA standing table (converted into a desk) and put this other desk on some cement slabs so as to raise it a bit. This has naturally given me more space for both of the Macbook Airs as well as some space below for shelving (converted IKEA wall shelves):

My wife is the one who actually figured out the bottom level so mad props to her:

The shelves are actually this model here: Lack Wall Shelf.

I also think the bricks give me some neat “hiding” spots for other gear and office equipment:

And of course I’ve got the new OneLessDrops on the desk. Love those things!

Whew. Any thoughts? What do you think?

[This is part of the Problogger Home Office Series.]