Have You Started… Yet?


We are almost through the first week of the new year and already I feel like I haven’t done enough! There are people to respond to, projects to push through, conversations and meeting to be had, and dreams that are awaiting the transformation into reality.

Many of these things may or may not have fallen into your New Year’s Resolution bucket and the question isn’t whether you have one or not but whether you’re actually working on them.

I have discovered that action and motion are the key ingredients to success in business and perhaps even in life. Call it survival instincts (prey runs to avoid becoming dinner) or whatever else you’d like but you have to begin moving in the direction of your goals, hopes, and dreams. In fact, you may not even know what some of them are concretely but you’ll make better decisions while in motion instead of doing absolutely nothing.

I want to encourage you, even in this first week of the new year, to continue to build that momentum forward, whether it’s your career or your job or even your blog. Don’t stop, don’t quit (as I’m sure you’ve already been tempted)! The real dreams must last beyond the first week of the new year, right?

Press on friends! Let’s do this!