On Starting Small

I love this short list via Justin Jackson of what “starting small” really looks like. It’s good and especially the end that recites a bunch of things that I’ve been saying for years:

Start small. Show up every day. Keep refining your craft. Take risks and get uncomfortable.


Building anything of worth takes a long time. You and I, as people, as evolution “products” take the longest to mature, to form, and to grow.

Real change, btw, happens at the speed of your biologynot the speed of technology. This was shared with me by a good friend of mine who coaches other leaders and teams to become high-performing.

It’s hard to swallow but it’s completely true. I’d add one more thing to Jackson’s list that’s relevant to where I am right now… actually, two more things:

Want a big YouTube channel?
Start small: Upload a video.

Check. I’m doing that, daily via my new vlog (although my goal isn’t a big YouTube channel, just to be clear). And the second one being:

Want to build a successful startup company?
Start small: Build something people love.

Okay, so, this last one doesn’t quite fit the mold, but, it is really how this “stuff” works, you know. Start, build, refine, show up even when it hurts or you don’t feel like it and take the necessary but important risks.

You got this.