Start Early, Start Today

My daughter starting early.

One of your greatest opportunities as a blogger, especially if you’re contemplating starting a new blog (or splitting one so that you can have greater content focus) is to simply start. Go. This isn’t necessarily about beating your competition or being “first to market” or any other strategy like that. It is simply the basic principle of movement and momentum.

This is about execution; this is about remembering that you’ll never be completely ready (or feel competent enough) to jump-in and starting that blog and hitting the publish button!

If this is a competition know that if you do start then you have already “won” the race by simply moving ahead, moving forward, and by the fact that you’ve simply starting to build that much-needed momentum towards your goals.

Most people never move beyond preparation, even if the time and quality of the preparation was superb. If you’ve ever been to one of your High School reunions you know this truth all too well as you hear (or share) all of the dreams that never really got off the ground.

So what if it’s Friday? So what if you’re ready for the weekend? So what if you had planned on just taking it easy for the next week (or month). Although the above picture is a bit humorous I never want my daughters to feel like anything is outside of their ability to just start, try, and experiment.

No, I am not that guy who believes the saying:

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

But I am the guy who believes in trying, making the attempt, giving it a shot, and seeing if it works. I give myself and my daughters permission to start. And you know what? You need to give yourself permission and the freedom to simply start as well!

Success starts somewhere and it could be that the “somewhere” for you is right now. I share a few thoughts in this candid video:

[tentblogger-vimeo 24923259]

I’m rooting for you guys!

This blog was born out of an idea that was executed, that was started and I had no idea that it was going to take off like it has, I had no idea that it would gather like-minded people like you who share similar goals, visions, and aspirations.

But your goals are much bigger than just a blog, right? A blog is just a starting point to even greater things – and how will you get to these greater things if you don’t begin?

I’m for you! Go.