Blogging Foundations Starter Kit

Before you even hit the ‘Publish’ button on your first post you’re going to want to make sure you’ve laid the right type of foundation for your blog.

For some of you that might even mean getting back to the “basics” of what a blog really is! For others it’s building out a bit of strategy as to who you are, what your brand might be, how you’re going to name your blog, and even finding the right URL and domain name (as well as blog hosting) so you can set yourself up for long-term sustainability.

Ultimately this is simply a refresher for some and for others it might just be the key “starter kit” they need to get going!

I’ve written a bunch of posts that cover many of these topics and I hope to expand on more as the time progresses – my goal is to provide as much helpful guidance to you (both new and seasoned) with your first blog before you even begin to publish!

And when you’re ready to launch that blog you can head over to my Guide on how to Launch a WordPress-Powered blog!

Here are some of the topics already covered:

1. What is a Blog? What is a Blogger? What is Blogging?

  • I try to provide a firm foundation here for anyone who is new to blogging. Good stuff to know, of course!

2. 20 Reasons Why You Should Blog

  • I think blogging is one of the most effective forms of communication out there today, especially online. There are also many other reasons why you should blog as well! Check that post out for more details.

3. 10 Blogging Personas to Help You Target and Focus Your Content

  • If you’re not sure how to start blogging then it can be helpful to see what others have been doing before you. Perhaps you need to find out where you “fit” in the blogging ecosystem? Take a look at those blogging personas to start.

4. The Definition of a ‘Professional Blogger’ or ‘Full Time Blogger’

  • Curious about what a Full Time Blogger or Professional Blogger is all about? I break down a definition here for you to review. Perhaps you’ve got the makings of a ProBlogger one day? Who knows? I didn’t think that I would ever do it!

5. The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right (and Best) Domain Name For Your Blog

  • Ready to find your domain name for that awesome blog-to-be? Check out the above guide for some pointers!

6. 10 Sites to Check for Domain Name Availability

  • So you’ve got your name from #5 above and you’re ready to find if it’s available? Use the services listed in this post to check them out!

7. It Pays to do your Research When Naming Your Blog

  • A 3rd blog post about domains and naming? Sure. This one will impact you greatly so you’re going to want to make sure you don’t have some serious grief much later down the line. Do your homework!

8. 10 Key Considerations When Deciding Between a Free Blog Service and a Self Hosted One

  • So now you’re ready to get a blog but which one should you try? A free one? A paid one? Check out these considerations so you know which one to choose!

9. The Ultimate List of Blogging Platforms, Blog Software, Free and Paid (100+!)

  • Don’t think you’ve got enough choices when it comes to blogging software? Think again! Check out this informative list of one of the largest collections of blogging apps on the web.

10. How to Choose The Right Blogging Platform

  • Lots to choose from, right? So how do you choose the right one to use? Check out my guide above and that’ll set you straight.

11. 20 Great Hosting Solutions for Your New Blog

  • So you’ve decided that you’re going to go the “paid” route when it comes to blogging? Great! Here are some great blog hosting solutions that you may want to consider!

12. 5 Sites That Analyze and Test Web Hosting Services and Providers

  • You know you want to self-host and you’ve done some of your research (thus far). Here are 5 more tools to use to help you decide on that right hosting provider for your new blog!

13. 10 Reasons Why I Use WordPress

  • Regardless of what you ultimately choose in terms of blog platforms I support you fully! I just have an opinion when it comes to the best blogging software out there. It’s WordPress, for sure!

14. 10 Differences Between and

  • There’s no secret: I LOVE WORDPRESS (see #12). But perhaps you didn’t know that there was a difference between the .com and the .org? Take a look

15. Vision Requires Execution for Your Blog to Grow and Succeed!

  • Great blogs require some sort of vision for what they want to be and where they want to head. You don’t have to have everything figured out but if you don’t want to be “just another blog” out there then you’ll need to consider a bit of vision for it!

16. Successful Blogs Set Realistic Yet Challenging Goals

  • Besides just vision you’ll need some realistic and challenging goals. Set them and be square!

17. How Many Hours Should You Spend on Your Blog Per Week for it to be a Success?

  • This is a very common question that is asked and one that you should be prepared to handle if you do jump in, even if you’re not going to be a crazy-serious blogger. Here are my candid thoughts as well as an idea of how to create a strategy for growth.

18. Do You Share Your Emotion on Your Blog’s Sleeve, So To Speak?

  • How much emotion should you share on your blog? How much is too much? Too little? I explore and share some thoughts on this subject and you should consider it for your blog.

19. The Growth of a Blog is One of Steadiness, Consistency and Not Speed

  • Finally, before you start, it’s best to remember that your blog will grow over time and the goal is not one of speed but rather consistency.

Good luck! I hope these posts give you some framework of thinking as well as some practical steps on how to get started with that new blog.

Ready to move forward with launching a WordPress-powered blog? Check out this series here and I’ll walk you through the steps!