Startup Formula for Success

I’ve built a handful of companies and most of them have been abject failures, dismal performances.

But, the few that have actually worked all have a very similar equation built into them and now, in hindsight, it all seems so clear.

You see, the formula for a successful startup (in my opinion and experience) is actually quite simple. Well, at least the formula is simple. Actually executing against it is, naturally, very, very hard.

But, if you can pull it off, well, then you’re good to go:


(Great) [People + Product + Timing] = Success

I share a few more thoughts on my formula here:

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.51.54 AM

You can control 2 of the 3 elements in the equation (talent and product) but you can’t control the last one, timing. This is a great equalizer.

[Images via Bossfight]