A Startup’s Plan vs Reality

Perhaps this is a companion piece to my post The Emotional Journey of Creating Anything Great:

This is how it really works.

And, as you and I both know, knowing is definitely not more than half the battle – you’re just going to have to experience the ups and the downs and the side-to-sides for yourself.

As Michael Batnick has said:

Some lessons have to be experienced before they can be understood.

via The Irrelevant Investor

So, for you first-time entrepreneurs and startup founders, I offer you this: Nothing can prepare you what you’re going to experience (this is as it should be).

You see, a large portion of your success will be predicated on how you manage to survive the road-less-traveled and the decisions that you make while you’re stuck in deep.

And at every checkpoint you’ll know more than when you started, you’ll now fully appreciate and understand what it really means to start a company – no startup groupies for you.

Sure, plan all you want (actually, not really – better to start building and talking to customers than planning since it’s all a guess anyway) but be prepared to throw that plan out the window as you start down the path of your epic journey!

And yes, you’ll have a handful of expectations of what the journey will be like but most of those will be wildly wrong as reality will smack you hard in the face.

Instead, embrace the progressive revelation that is your startup journey and accept the fact that although reality will be much more painful and grueling than you can possibly imagine and ever dared to believe, the experience will be even more satisfying and enlightening then you ever dared to hope.

You’ll survive, be better for it, and with a bit of luck (i.e. a ton of it) you’ll make the world a better place than when you first started.