Vlogging the Startup for a Year

Four years ago, to the date, I attempted to upload at least one YouTube video, every single day, for a year. I failed and quit.

11 months later, I gave it a second try and this time I didn’t give up, completing the task a year later and, poetically, setting the stage for an announcement of a second channel.

This second channel would eventually build enough momentum to raise 2 rounds of venture financing, hire 18+ people over the span of 2 years—some of whom are my best friends in the entire world—and build meaningful software that I was really proud of.

The problem is that I failed to build a business and I had to painfully pivot the company and restart everything, becoming a Day One Company, again (and again and again).

I mean, I’m kind of good at this type of thing.

Regardless, everything has changed! And, I couldn’t be more stoked about 2020—this will be the year of exciting experimentation(s), travel, and a ton of new beginnings, new relationships, and new-news (this is a phenomenological reference via Martin Heidegger if you didn’t catch it)!

One of which is my 3rd attempt at vlogging for a year, uploading at least one video to YEN’s YouTube Channel.

And, without further ado, here’s Episode 001:

Here we go… again.

I’d love for you to subscribe and keep me accountable (and encouraged)—I know I’m going to need it!