via Brian Grazer:

But you can be as curious as you want to be, and it doesn’t matter when you start. And your curiosity can help you be smarter and more creative; it can help you be more effective and be a better person.

For instance, you can unleash your curiosity, or it can un­leash you. That is, you can decide you need to be curious about something. But once you get going, your curiosity will pull you along.

Definitely. And then this:

Nothing unleashes curiosity in an audience like good story­telling. Nothing inspires storytelling, in turn, like the results of curiosity.

100%. He has a book, A Curious Mind which should get on your reading list.

I’ve said in the past that curiosity is one of the most powerful forces on planet earth and that the future belongs to the curious. I still believe that but even more so now where we have so many innovative companies doing really innovative things.

The common theme and thread for these companies and their founders? Curiosity. Insatiable curiosity.