Stay in Georgia

Someone need a place to stay in Georgia this summer?

Project: XANGA

I’m looking for a roomie or two to help me pay rent.
It’s in midtown, barely more than a mile from Tech.
Total rent is 800 including utilities… what a great deal.
It’s next to a Kroger, open 24/7, downstairs is the best pizza joint
in all of Atlanta, you’ve got Chipotle/Borders/Eats/Smoothie King/
Home Depot and more right across the street.

It’s ultimate.  And it’s a loft.

Someone need a place to stay?  Comon now!  Help a brother out.

Perfect for a Techie who’s taking classes, or even a State kid.


And the kicker…?  You have Jesus as one of the roommates!!!  I
promise, He lives here!  And, if you don’t like Jesus or don’t know Him,
that’s cool too.  He likes you.