Stay Positive


Coscarelli remained just as neutral and said, “There isn’t a single bit of evidence that having a positive attitude helps heal cancer.”

via Atlantic

Reality can be difficult to stomach and unfortunately we all have to take big bites of it every single day. Shifting our focus, and more importantly our behavior, can oftentimes be a better solution than just hoping (and praying) that things will work out for our benefit. This isn’t life and you wouldn’t want it that way anyway.

No one is happy when they get everything they want… and for those that do they are the unluckiest and unhappiest of all.

Hell (on earth) is where you get everything you want but not what you really need. The best stuff is almost-always out of reach.

And of course the price gyrations of bitcoins are entertaining to me. I have skin in the game. But I came by my bitcoins through luck, with little credit to me. I lived through the crash of 2011. So I’ve seen it before. Easy come, easy go.

via Hal Finney

I know the feel! This is why I’m staying positive as so many of the amazing things in my life happened by accident. It’s so much better than the alternative.

Skepticism is exceedingly useful as a tool but not as a lifestyle; I’ve tried and it generally sucks but unsurprisingly folks think you’re smart when you’re a default skeptic so it’s a hard position to let go of.

It’s just harder to be an optimist and I am a clinically-optimistic about everything.