Staying Focused

It’s tough to stay focused when you’re a developer. Heck, it’s tough to stay focused doing most anything for that matter.  The cost of not being focused is greatly excused and at times overlooked.

In fact, many of us live our lives in a completely un-focused state. Consequently, we will never know what it’s like to give your all to one thing entirely.

Sometimes this is a project. Sometimes this is a person. Sometimes this is something bigger, like an organization, a movement, a mission or a vision. Sometimes there is a season where you just need to focus on yourself (but not in that rude narcissistic form) and do some heavy introspection and investment.

I feel like I’ve been in and out of focus for quite some time (although how could I really be entirely sure…?!?). It’s hard to tell if the work that I’ve been doing (or have done) was really all that it could be or that it did all that I had hoped it would.

I think this is a normal mental exercise for those of us who are creators – those of us who are attempting to birth something out of nothing (and sometimes for no other reason except the fact that we can). We do not build for the applause of man but rather because we can do no other.

That is focus, I believe. I wonder if I’ve gotten that right. Are you staying focused these days? What does that look like for you?