5 Tips to Help You Blog Like Steve Jobs

Think Different. Like Steve Jobs. Just Kidding...

If Steve Jobs were to actively blog I would be one of the very first subscribers as I have taken much from the way he thinks, innovates, and leads as a professional.

Not to mention the fact that I absolutely love some of the products that his company has created (MacBook Air anyone?!?)!

I was walking through some of my notes from this book, The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, and realized that there are definitely some neat takeaways from it that could apply directly to blogging that you might appreciate.

Here’s my list:

1. Do What You Love to Do

It’s quite obvious to anyone that Steve loves what he does. He loves his company, loves the products that he gets to build, and loves the adoring community that rallies around him and his business every time there’s even a rumor about a new product or update.

Steve says:

You’ve got to find what you love. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

As a blogger you have to do blog about what you love and if you don’t then you’re going to get burnt out. And even after you’ve found your niche become a master of it – there’s really never an end to it! Don’t settle, you’re not there yet!

Check out this video and head to minute 3:00 (although the entire video is awesome):

[tentblogger-youtube vmG9jzCHtSQ]

2. Become a Student of New Experiences

Steve Jobs comments a number of times that one’s creativity is directly linked to their ability to connect things, whether it’s ideas, people, strategies, etc. What this ultimately requires is a becoming a student of the “new” or in other words becoming a student of new experiences.

As a blogger you’re a part of a unique ecosystem of technology and you need to become accustomed to learning new technologies all the time. Don’t expect to be able to skate your way to success as you’ve entered into an environment that is constantly changing.

A truly successful blogger will always be a student of new experiences and new technology.

3. Think Big, Like Universe Big

A universe of products.

Your blog is your own personal universe and it’s yours to mold, craft, and put on display as you see fit!

Steve Jobs has made it his mission, in every single product and in every single business decision to continue to not only craft an alternatie reality but to put a “dent in the universe” – that is, he wants to change the way things are done.

In fact, when an executive over at Disney was given the responsibility of revamping the lagging success of the Disney Stores he approached Steve for some help. Steve said simply:

Dream bigger.

Your blog has an unlimited potential to do great things, to share your ideas with an ever-growing audience. But, your blog is limited by the blogger (you!) and you’re ability to tap into that potential which, for many, is much smaller than the blog deserves.

If Steve was a blogger he’d see more than just a blog – he’d see opportunities to change hearts and minds. You need to have the same perspective.

4. Insane Level of Focus and Mastery

One of my favorite pictures.

It’s a great story and that’s because it’s true: When Mark Parker, the newest CEO of Nike, took the helm he immediately called Steve Jobs for some sound and strategic advice. It was probably the best thing he could have done. Steve said:

Get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.

In other words, Steve suggested that Mark say “No” to all the good stuff and just focus on the great stuff – he was teaching Mark the incredible value of learning to say “No” and focusing his energy into the very few things that deserve a “Yes.”

Since your blog is your universe you can get to do whatever you’d like but oftentimes at the cost of diluting your energy, time, resources, and the quality growth of your blog.

I’ve covered this already and I’ll continue to say it until no one asks me again about it: Your blog needs to focus, focus, focus; and then you need to focus it some more.

In addition, Steve is a master communicator and his keynote presentation skills are legendary. It’s not luck – it’s an insane combination of practice and product knowledge that makes him indomitable. He is, on many different levels, the greatest corporate storyteller ever and he creates a flawless duet of education and entertainment.

Master the craft of blogging and you’ll reap the benefits of your dedication.

Steve Jobs is so zen.

5. Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

It’s no secret that Jonathan Ive, the genius behind the sophisticated industrial designs of the Apple product line, has always strived for simplicity. But sometimes we forget (or aren’t aware) that Steve helped visioncast for Jonathan the product design direction that put Apple on the map! Ive reflects on Steve’s approach by sharing:

We are absolutely consumed by trying to develop a solution that is very simple, because as physical beings we understand clarity.

There is no better example than the two-hear old YouTube sensation who manages to navigate an iPad with almost uncanny ability:

[tentblogger-youtube pT4EbM7dCMs]

Your goal as a blogger is not to complicate your message or your brand but to make it as simple as possible. This can impact not only your writing style but also the design around your blog. This is why I choose to use Standard Theme as a WordPress Theme Framework for my blog here so that my development of this community and the brand surrounding my content was focused squarely on just that: Amazing content.

Zero distractions (especially from a design perspective) and nowhere to go but straight to the posts. Yum.

Are you ready to think innovatively like Steve Jobs? Love to hear your thoughts!