Still Waiting…

I am still waiting for Apple to review the product and it should be any day now. For those familiar to review times, they can fluctuate from just a few days to over a week.

waiting-for-reviewCurrently, via App Review Times, it’s about 6 days right now to review and so if this is true then I can reasonably expect a review to hit tomorrow, which would be great.

I still haven’t finalized the new marketing page quite yet and I have a few things left to do to shore things up for the launch.

For this particular product I’m not thinking too big or too broadly about marketing and traction-building and that’s because I’m simply too busy right now with a bunch of other things going on in my life to give it all of that time and attention.

I don’t particularly feel bad about this because, honestly, that’s how life is with these types of things, and I won’t sit back and regret not launching as strongly as I could have knowing of my time and resource limitations.

When you’re an indie developer you have to make decisions all the time about one’s priorities and there’s never a perfect scenario where everything you want to do lines up perfectly.

But, the most important thing that I have come to realize is the fact that launching is always better than waiting, especially if you feel the pressure to launch perfectly. Getting it out there is a huge win in and of itself and I can be proud of that, full stop.

I hope you’re doing the same with your projects too.