Stop Child Sex Trafficking – 09.09.09


Did you know that Atlanta (where I live) is one of the top sex trafficking cities in the United States?


I had no idea until someone told me and opened my eyes to the great sadness of it all and it literally breaks my heart. Hearing stories of young girls sold into sexual slavery and prostitution (even by their own fathers) is hellish.

So when a friend keyed me into a simple initiative to raise funds on September 9th of this year (09.09.09) to raise 81,000 dollars against Child Sex Trafficking I said “Count me in.”

All it takes is a donation of $9.00 bucks. Click here to help. I’d also encourage you to pray about this issue if you feel lead to do so and please tell others.

God, what a terrible world we live in; help us to do our part to leave it in better shape than when we first arrived.

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