Storytelling, Emergence, and Growth

Although the quality of this video could have been better the content, more importantly, is great. From the video’s blurb:

The most essential technological experiences tell compelling stories and evolve in an emergent manner. They do not become essential through iteration, but through the continuous process of emerging into a new category of experience.

Furthermore, rapid adoption and strong retention can be attributed to the clarity and simplicity of the user journeys in any experience.

How do we mesh the art of storytelling and the science of growth to make what we design essential — moving humanity in ways previously not possible?

I particularly like his breakdown of the “Lean Startup Strategy” and the limited results that can come out of straight iteration. His quest to discover legendary product design and a counter to the “hyper rationality” of the lean startup model.

Instead, he went toward building stories, real narratives and neural coupling and that when someone tells a story and when someone hears that story if things go well then the experience is shared and this can be more powerful and more important than a linear iterative pattern of product development.

Your product, your team, and the way that you put all those things together needs a real story, something that people can connect with. If not, then you’re missing something fundamental.