Internet is a Strange Place

The internet is so entertaining… it allows you to encounter all sorts of people from every corner of the planet (or almost…).

Unfortunately, a lot of that engagement is more frustrating than fun which is why I’ve turned off a lot of my social media and even made one of the best decisions in my digital life to turn off comments on my blog.

YouTube comments, for dayz.

I got this one above recently and it made me laugh… and then made me angry. The fact that I had any emotion in the slightest just goes to show that despite the many, many years of experience as a digital native I still can get riled up over the smallest of things.

But, the thing is that this person is right in a lot of different ways. Creating content online is so much easier now than it was when I first started (uploading static .html files via SFTP).

Real value creation is not necessarily harder now but it can be more difficult to be easily noticed and visited. The library of content now is so much bigger than it used to be.

Or, perhaps that’s not entirely true… If you’re creating real value for other folks then there are definitely ways to get noticed and once you’ve started then, hopefully, sometimes, the snowball can start building steam and growing as it moves downhill.

All it takes is a little bit of persistence and a decision to keep showing up, day-after-day, grinding and putting in that work, the one percent.

Don’t buy those subs yo.

Mr. Crypto Krypto was doing fine until this comment. I didn’t buy any YouTube subs (although my view count is pretty low I suppose). 9 years and 1,300 subs isn’t exactly something that can be purchased easily. He was doing so well…

I count this commenter as a troll, someone who doesn’t quite have the context they need but it didn’t stop them to spend an inordinate amount of time writing what appears to be an original comment.

What a fascinating way to spend one’s time… the internet is a strange and wonderful place.