Somewhat random… but, I’ve found that I’m willing to walk away from something small so as to continue my progress and momentum forward.

This isn’t metaphorical… this is quite literal.

For instance, let’s say that I’ve just gotten dressed and I’m about to walk out of the room, and, as I walk out of the room my plan and intent is to hit the light switch so that I can turn off the lights to the room.

Like most people.

But,¬† as I walk through the door I happen to miss the light switch… I would imagine that most people stop, turn around, and try again.

Yet for myself, I am very willing to continue my stride uninterrupted so that I can continue to move forward to the next event, even though I know that it takes nothing to stop, turn around, and hit the damn switch.

And, I know that by doing so I am saving electricity and the planet (and my own power bill)!

But, for whatever reason, I continue to march forward and the idea of turning back is personally repugnant; I simply can’t do it.

What exactly does this say about me? I’m not entirely sure, but, this small example finds itself manifested in even larger and more complex decisions¬†all the time.

I think it’s quite useful for things like startups and entrepreneurship but it can be quite harmful in relationships.