I’m putting together something new. This shouldn’t be a massive surprise, but, I thought I might as well continue to do what I normally do… share the process as much as I can.

So, something new that I’m doing this time around as I put things together is that I’ve decided to pony up $500 and use Stripe Atlas which bills itself as the “best way to start an internet business”.

Getting it done.

Thankfully I have a few friends who are already members and part of the service so that I got fast-tracked into the application process and hopefully can put things together really quick.

I can’t imagine the process going any more smooth than it already has and since this is super-early stage, well, there’s nothing unique or distinct that should throw off their standard procedure(s).

Putting a new organization together has never been more simple. This is the way it should be as technology has improved and automated much of the systems and processes required.

In 5 minutes I had walked through the application online and now I just sit and wait to sign stuff. It’s a beautiful thing.

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