A Sublime URL

I don’t always end up liking the original domain names that I purchase and very few last the test of time. The most obvious long-lasting domains that I have are actually this blog (http://john.do) and my proper name URL, among others.

What I mean is that I get bored easily, even with the domains that I purchase for indie projects, and I don’t often re-up the yearly fee to keep a lot of the ones that I purchase.

And especially in the last year, I’ve done an incredible job of paring things down. In fact, I used to have over 100+ registered domains and now I have about 28 registered with about 10 of those set to expire this year.

And if I’m to give myself even more credit many of the “active” domains are just old domains that are redirected to this blog, like human3rror.com, 8bit.io, ctoblog.com, tentblogger.com, yo.gg, and iama.vc. Some of these old properties you may recognize if you’ve been a reader for some time.

But the point is this: The idea of having less than 20 active domains is pretty exciting because it’s one obvious outcome of my efforts to focus my life this year on just a handful of things.

Focus takes time and it’s not a one-time decision to get you there. It’s a continual process and it can often take longer than you originally anticipate. I’ve been reminded of this fact and the challenge of simply not giving up on the decision that I’ve made many months ago.

And then, on occasion, I get really nice emails like this:


Yes, this indie project’s domain name is pretty legit.

What would be incredible is to get below 10 active domains. Now that would be something, wouldn’t it?