What ‘Success’ is For a Blogger?

I love this short and quick video between the CEO of Chick fil A, Dan Cathy, and Seth Godin. Watch it and be inspired about their conversation covering the struggles of ‘writers block,’ ‘capturing your experiences,’ and ‘success.’

Seth even encourages people to simply start a blog so that you can communicate your life experiences that can impact those that will read it! Don’t forget or fail to capture your experiences for you and the people that need them!

Finally, I really like Seth’s answer about what success is:

Success isn’t doing what other people think your supposed to do. Success is doing work that you’re proud of, having a reputation that you’re proud of.

Stand tall and proud if you’ve been a blogger for one day or a blogger for 10,000 – you’re doing what most people will never do and that requires courage and initiative!

Let us always remember that our success as bloggers is less about the traffic numbers and more about your pursuit of excellence as a writer and communicator. We’re all in this journey together – some a bit further ahead than others – and no one is “there” yet!