Success Looks Like…

We are enamored by those that go fast, drive hard, and furiously “hustle” toward their dreams – we find their action inspiring, their energy motivating, and their passion intoxicating. As a result we naively believe that they’ve got the formula for success; that they are doing it “right.”

Somehow, many years ago, I got mixed up in this paradigm and believed it to be the right one. After significant burnout I shifted gears a tad and started working more moderately, more reasonably.

I did this for a time but it didn’t last long and so I then began to believe that the relationship between success and speed is variable – in other words, there are “seasons” where you drive the Ferrari and other days when you drive an ’86 Chevy Celebrity. This was an understandable model and I was able to justify the times of speed and slowness as such.

This was my first car except mine was in worse shape than this one...

But I realized over time that the game of fast and slow was remarkably unpredictable and there wasn’t a real formula, especially after having talked and engaged with many “successful” individuals in a variety of different industries and backgrounds.

There is no model relationship between success and speed. Some make it fast, some make it slow, some don’t really have a clue whether it was either and some have shared that it’s all the same in the end (or at the same time).

The point was best summed up by one of my mentors who said this:

Who cares.

Amen and amen. How wise.

Our goal is not to do this hastily nor is it do things slow. It is to discover our unique passions, marry them with our unique blend of skills and talents, and execute well and wisely while getting a ton of help and counsel in the process. The rest, they say, will be history. But if you chase a model of speed and success you’re probably not getting anywhere.

You might just be going in circles.

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