Success Looks Like

One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is that when success is all about me (diagram #1) and everyone pouring into me then a few things happen:

  1. It’s all about me – This feels good, but ultimately it’s selfish, prideful, and doesn’t help my health (literally).
  2. It’s not sustainable – Because I’m feeding off of everyone that I come in contact with it ends up being exhausting.
  3. It’s not stable – In addition to not being sustainable, it’s also emotional dangerous as my emotions are subject to the masses perspective and opinion.
  4. It’s directionless – Getting shuffled by everyone’s opinion I serve everyone and as a result I serve no one.
  5. It’s not productive – It just isn’t. Trust me.

When I started moving into the second model I learned a great deal of things and how it’s much more a model of personal and professional success than the former:

  1. It’s about me + them – I haven’t forgotten about myself but it’s much more balanced between my customers and my team. I’ve been more successful with my partners than alone.
  2. It’s sustainable – This is because I get to pick and choose who I get to work with and when. As you can see, I’m not serving everyone because everyone can’t be a customer and/or partner.
  3. It’s much more stable – Because my time is calculated and well-spent I get to create a more healthy balance for work, life, and everything in between. My wife is much happier too.
  4. It has significant purpose – My aim is focused and my effort is made optimal. I know where I’m headed, who I need to work with, and what I need to be doing with my time.
  5. It’s productive… as all get out. I don’t waste time and people don’t have time wasted. I love it!

Much of this is energy management and the focus of our efforts. We need to be successful the right way, instead of the many different and varying wrong ways.

Be successful. Be loved.