Super Starbucks Coffee Hack

I learned the best Starbucks Coffee Hack today, saving me a whopping $.32 cents!  (This is big, considering the ridiculous rise of gas prices…)

I typically order a Tall Americano (which is 2 Espresso shots).  But, my wife recently “educated” me by letting me know that a Triple Tall Americano (3 shots) actually tastes better.  She was right.

So, I began ordering a Triple Tall Americano which costs me an additional $.50 cents or so…  BOO!

I had to do something…  but what?

My local friendly Starbucks employee shared with me today that if I instead ordered a Grande Americano in a Tall Cup, I’d be getting my 3 shots for a LESS! Instead of paying $2.73 for a Triple Tall Americano, I would be paying $2.41!

See, with the Americano, it’s all about not diluting the espresso… so more shots per less water equals “greater, more pleasurable coffee tasting experience“.  So, with this new above formula, I’ll be getting my new, creamy, chocolately, uber-tasty sensation without having to pay nearly 3 bucks for it.

My assumption is that this “trick” works for most all of the coffee @ Starbucks.  So, if you want that extra espresso shot, just go up to the next size instead of doing the “add shot“.

Of course, if you’re already a crazy Venti type of person, you’re out of luck.