There Are No Superheroes Online

I’m a superhero fan and comic book geek just like many of you (or not many of you…) and I try to make it to all of the feature film adaptations as possible, just to be entertained and to appreciate the different perspective some screenwriters have from the original material.

I try not to judge them and simply appreciate it as it stands – there have been a few though that have been translated terribly but 100% batting average isn’t the goal (or possible), right?

And our real superheroes, unlike the fictional comic book ones, are just as flawed and imperfect as we are. We simply have to remember that, especially when we laud and put them on pedestals from the far reaches of the internet.

Sometimes it just takes a brief moment with them to remember that your own personal superhero(es) are struggling with the same things that you are and are just trying to do whatever they do with excellence; again, just like you.

Meeting Seth Godin a few weeks ago reminded me of that as I was able to stand side-by-side on of the guys that many would call a superhero (of marketing, of social media, of ______________).

But you know, he’s just a great guy who’s been doing this a bit longer than you and I have; he’s been blogging for a bit longer than you or I have (well, possibly not longer than me…), and has been executing and shipping a bit longer than you or I.

That’s all. He’s not a superhero that we have to put on a pedestal and create fictional tales of awesomeness – he’s one of us.

And to set the record straight, I’m not a superhero either – I struggle with a lot and have my unique blend of interests and strengths, just like you, that are imperfect and limited; and I don’t get much right, by the way!

But I don’t stop trying and neither do you.

Heck, come to one of my meetups sometime and you’ll see firsthand how awkward I can truly be. Even last meetup I said a few things that I thought, in my head, “Hey, that was really odd.

Yup, I’ve got one of those voices in my head that tells me constantly “You are weird.” … … wait, you too? You must be such a strange superhero…

[via Agent-X]

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