I spent the day with the fine folks at Superhuman and had the distinct pleasure of being onboarded into their new email app.

I mention this in the vlog, but, I wanted to capture this moment for posterity because if they are able to move me off of the GMAIL web app after 13 years, then, it would be a literal first!

I can’t overstate my commitment to the GMAIL web app after such a long time of using it. I’ve tried every available mail client and app out there but have yet to find a solution that matches the speed and performance of the google’s web service.

It’s not that it’s perfect, mind you… it’s just that it’s good enough to get the job done and after 13 years I’ve pretty much resigned myself to it as being the defacto email service.

But Superhuman is up for the challenge and I’m quite thankful that I’ve taken it on. Although it’s just been 2 short days I’ve been able to acclimate myself fairly quickly.

I’ve committed to use it full-time for a week (until next Wednesday) and at this point I can see myself making it without ever opening up… I’ll give it a real, true spin and provide them with feedback on the way there.

But I told them… if they are able to do this and pull it off… I will be, literally, their biggest fan. Fingers crossed…!