Support Site


I have launched a new support site (powered by Uservoice) and I’ve chosen it based on the fact that it’s entirely free for one user agent (with limited functions).

Although, at this point I believe I’ll be forced to become a paying user since I’m using the sub-domain feature…


I’m still in the “Free Trial” period though so I haven’t paid anything yet. I have a few weeks until then.

I’ve used a ton of support forum software and I haven’t landed on one that I absolutely love quite yet. I hope Uservoice gets most of the work done and that I end up falling in love with it over time. I hope they give me a discount too – man, that would be nice…

I hope to create a small community of people interested in helping each other out. At least that’s my intent. I’d love for you to check out Uservoice and let me know your thoughts, especially if you’re already a user of it!