Surprising Places

I’ve shared previously my history with alcohol and, more specifically, my really bad relationship with booze and I’m happy to say that I’ve continued to stay strong and haven’t had a drink since I quit cold-turkey late last year.

I’m very, very excited to celebrate the one year anniversary of one of the most significant decisions of my life and I know that I’m going to make it.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle with it. In fact, I dream of drinking alcohol and find myself often thinking about the “great times” that I’ve had while under the influence as I moved towards blacking out.

These, of course, are lies, fabricated tales of only the positive effects that alcohol temporarily brought me and my mind intentionally forgets to include all the damage and sadness that it has brought me over the decade of abuse.

But, I quit and I’m glad that I have. But something that I’ve discovered on my (continued) quest towards sobriety is that the things that have stopped me from drinking have come from very different and somewhat surprising places.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons that I don’t pick up a drink is because of my dad. He’s one of the only people in my life who consistently asks me how my war with alcohol is going.

And he says it in four simple words… or rather, a question:

How is your fight?

Those words are life-giving to me and I literally hear them in my head and my heart and my spirit any time that I’m tempted to imbibe. I think to myself:

I cannot possibly answer him the next time he texts or calls with anything but “Dad, I am winning.”

And at certain points in the last 9 months, that has been more than enough motivation for me to continue moving forward in the right direction.

The support and the love and the encouragement that you and I need to continue down the right path can come from surprising places at times. We need those more than we can possibly imagine.