SvN on Moving to

via SvN:

When Jason Fried a few months ago suggested that we should start posting articles on Medium, I was skeptical. What possible gain could we have from sharing our stories on someone else’s platform rather than our 15 year-old blog? Turns out, quite a lot!

It’s neat to see such a staple blog move fully onto and it’s something that I’ve considered doing pretty strongly myself over the years. That platform continues to scale and grow and just simply get better and better over time.

This makes me do some serious thinking, yet again, about my own properties. I can identify so strongly with “Cobbler’s Shoe” problem:

Third, running our own blog system is a classic case of the cobbler’s shoe syndrome. Yes, we’re well capable of technically making a great blog system, keeping it updated, and keeping the design fresh, but it falls to the bottom of the list of priorities against making Basecamp better. So we don’t, and it languishes. Why not just use something off-the-shelve that others have as their sole mission to make the best?