Frustrated with Monetizing Your Blog? Take a Break!

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[This is a part of the “Getting Started with Blog Advertising” blog series.]

This is a quick vlog post with some thoughts about your advertising efforts which are especially relevant if you’re just getting into advertising on your blog.

If you’ve been finding yourself exceptionally frustrated, upset, or way-too-confused for your own good, then perhaps you need to take a step back and jump back into advertising at a later time.

The opportunity to advertise on your website is always available, but the time to develop amazing content and community is not and every moment you waste being frustrated over monetization is a moment that you can’t get back.

Let's not get to this point.

In fact, I believe that jumping into advertising much later down the line, especially if you’re just starting to blog, will prove to be more profitable long-term. You will execute better and more strategically simply because you know your blog and blog community better.

Have fun with your blogging efforts (I share this explicitly here) and if you’re not having fun monetizing then take a break!

[This is a part of the “Getting Started with Blog Advertising” blog series. Image via Creative Commons, heatsink.]