Taking Time

I love this guy.

We’re teaching our oldest piano and so helping her to create these times to practice is just as important as her actually practicing. It’s the discipline to create that consistency of work that’ll end up providing a solid foundation for excellence to be created.

But his wisdom extends beyond just the piano – it’s applicable for everything that you’re trying to do, learn, or accomplish. You have to not just “find” the time but “create” it, giving yourself the actual boundaries of working on your craft, whether that’s building a business, building software, learning to become an entrepreneur, becoming a better public communicator, and whatever else.

In his words, it’s about “taking time,” not “making time” for it. It shouldn’t be a chore but rather something they look forward to. Are you creating time for the things you want to accomplish? Are you taking this time with intention and excitement? Or is it dull and a chore?