Teach Employees to Code?

My short answer is this… no. But…

via Dilbert

… giving your team the resources and the encouragement to learn if they have interest is important and supporting those decisions can really boost morale.

As I’ve mentioned before, software development (i.e. coding) literacy is important, but not fluency. Being able to read a bit of code and generally understand what it’s trying to do can be very, very useful indeed.

There are tons of free resources online to get started in things like html, css, javascript, and python… which I think are good places to start. I had someone on my team learn how to setup a local MAMP for WordPress testing the other day and that alone is a pretty darn powerful skillset to know.

Your job as a leader is to allow your team members to thrive, not just maximizing their existing skillset(s) but also helping them to acquire new ones as everyone is better for it.