Teaching Resilience

My youngest had to start a new school last week, right in the middle of the week and right in the middle of the fall semester.

She’s handled it like a champ and I’m so proud of her ability to take it in stride and see it as an opportunity to make new friends in a new environment.

Good times.

Changes like these can be tough and a lot can be said about the intrinsic characteristics of a person and their personality, but, I believe the resilience can be learnt and taught.

The first day… there she goes.

It’s not that I want to purposely throw my kids in tough situations (enough of those happen organically!) but I want to acknowledge that our kid’s ability to adjust to large-scale changes is important and a worthwhile conversation to be had with them.

In other words, instead of justĀ hoping that they figure it out I want to actively engage with them about these changes and talk through their hopes, their fears, their dreams, their insecurities and anxieties and, above all, remind them that these emotions are okay to have.

But, that they don’t have to control them.

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