Teaha and Brian

Teaha’s and Brian’s QT.  Todd didn’t have access to a computer.

Today, I was studying through the second chapter of 1 Kings. It’s a pretty lengthy
chapter, so I will pick out one section of it dealing with Shimei the Benjamite’s death.
Basically, Solomon confines him within the city of Jerusalem, yet at the end of the third
year of his confinement, he crosses over the boundary to a foreign nation to chase after
his run-away servants. He does get them back, but what awaits him upon his return is
 How often are we guilty of crossing over the boundaries set by God, only to return to
blow of guilt and shame? Shimei agreed to Solomon’s decree. We do the same when we
accept Christ into our hearts, but are we really ready to let go of our secondary desires
and stay true to our commitment? Surely it will mean losses in some areas of our lives,
but as Shimei paid with his own life for merely two servants who ran away from him, I
think we pay heavily for minor pleasure that we chase after that does not fit into the order
of God.



hey guys
again i write this away from quietness of my dorm in a hurried manner.

in finals week i have just set my qt aside to get extra sleep and study some

i read Psalm 54.

not sure what God is trying to tell me through the passage. probably because i
am not thinking clearly by myself.

but i have to say, it is good to have friends who are struggling through the
same things (finals) as me because even if the materials i am studying are not
interesting, i am still interested through their presence.


Off to bed.  I had a prayer meeting with Tim and we got thru the first 24 hours of our fast.  48 more to go…

God, I’m weak…