ChairCo: Why Team-Based Coaching Works

As I’ve shared last week I had a great time with my coaching class as I walked them through a study on the core motivational theory and how we can apply these elements to our business ventures, our vocations, and extract our value out of them so that we can exist fully as we were made to be.

And I couldn’t be more happy with this class as they’ve proven to be highly engaged and dedicated – one of the class members drives up from Jacksonville, Florida in the morning (5+ hrs one way) and then drives home just for the class! Seriously.

But one of the most significant pleasures for me is the affirmation that my model of group coaching, or team-based coaching, is working as I had hoped it would. Although I’ve developed some great 1:1 coaching relationships (Executive Coaching) it’s quite apparent that the collaborative environment enables even more connection, community, and progress.

The goal behind team-based coaching, even in the context where the “team” is the class that I’ve created and put together, is typically the following:

  1. Team member selection: Making sure they are in the “right seats” at the right time for this particular team
  2. Accelerate team effectiveness
  3. Drive team toward collective goals based on robust methods, strategies, and techniques
  4. Accelerate individual understanding of self and others

What happens in this context is that each team member will know themselves, their team, and their mission better which is a shared mission of acceleration, even though the exact direction of each member may be different.

Why does this work? Because the ultimate goal of team-based coaching is action and execution. The measure of success? Easy: The development and sustainment of momentum. I help turn the individual person’s and the group’s visions and ideas into a workable and pragmatic system of execution.

The hope is that through masterful coaching that individual leadership and team breakthroughs can occur.

But I don’t need to be the only coach in the group as I’ve developed the program in such a way where each member can help assist in coaching each other. The result has been increased development, engagement, and momentum. What a joy!

Here are a few more pictures from ChairCo‘s second class meeting:

We were able to hang out at Whitestone Motion Pictures office space. Photos via Tasra Dawson.

If you’re interested in hanging out with me for the next upcoming class send me an email for more information.

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