Team Pins

We’ve added a second pin officially to the lineup of Team Pins in addition to our first which we shared about here.

This one is pretty simple as it sports our official brand and logo. It comes in a few different colors (Black #121212, Dark Gray #484850, Yellow #ff9900, Light Blue #0099cc, Dark Blue #274656) and two different styles, either a complete circle or cut-out.

Looks good on yah.

Everyone who joins the team will get one and they’ll get to choose which one specifically they’d like to sport. I’m really liking the black and the yellow ones right now.

I’ve got a few more that we’re putting together specifically for our partner organizations so stay tuned for those!

This is just one very simple but important way to intentionally build .a little culture around our new project and company. I’m starting to build a collection and it’s looking pretty sweet on my book bag:

Gotta catch them all!

It’s giving me a bit of a flashback to my younger years of Cub Scouts, collecting all those sweet merit badges and gear!