I Love My Global Blogging Team!

Twitter is wonderful, isn't it?

Pardon a bit of the dust around here as I’ve been experimenting with a new cloud-based hosting service to see if I can eek out even more performance through WordPress!

I was feeling seriously down yesterday as half the world saw a broken site while the other half saw the site in a number of different states – from somewhat broken, to no CSS styling, to slow load times. Yikes!

Needless to say, I went to bed feeling more than just a bit defeated:

Trust me: It was just one of those days...

I woke up a few hours later to feed my 7 week old daughter and DNS and Nameservers seem to have generally propagated throughout the internet. I pulled a quick traceroute to confirm my suspicion and then a global DNS A Record check:

Traceroute: Don't leave home without it.
WhatsMyDNS.net is a great service... bookmark it!

A few quick changes via SSH, a CDN misfire here (and there), and then a hard reboot brought the site back up. I shot out a quick tweet to the world (for those up at 5:30am):

Love this!

And the responses literally started pouring in from all parts of the world with positive results:

Worldwide Twitter Team!

I had people from Italy, Los Angeles, Australia, Chicago, Germany, Spain, and other stateside locations. A few people even shot me over screenshots from their mobile devices:

Thanks @JoshuaWithers!

All I can say is “WOW…! I have a Global Team of Awesomeness!

Twitter is a wonderful tool and it’s times like these where I really appreciate it’s existence. After a rough day and then trying to wake up early to feed a colicky baby, this was exactly what I needed.

Thanks all! It’s so much more fun as a team!

I’m still doing a lot of tweaking in this new environment and I’ll give you a full review of it when I feel it’s ready for primetime so pardon the dust as it settles.

Also, I lost more than a few comments in the transition – I’m so sorry about that! Next time I’ll put this thing in ‘Maintenance Mode’ so that doesn’t happen again.


Now back to bed.


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