Technology Wins

Things are changing. Do you feel it? Change is happening everywhere… and if you tune in too closely, you might never get any sleep.

I heard GaryVee share the other day this from the stage at one of his events recently (he keynotes like a mofo… I could never do that!):

Technology wins, every single time.

And he’s right. Technology changes everything and we are all servants to it (and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing) — it’s good to know who you’re ultimately working for, right? 😉

Time for a hard-left in this blog post… so… I was reading a Deloitte research article on the impact of on-demand delivery and the changing culture around restaurants, food, and local economies:

Platforms are enabling a substantial re-shaping of the supply chain, with virtual kitchens (either entirely new facilities, or under-utilized existing restaurant kitchens) and other innovations that match supply to demand and create new opportunities for entrepreneurial restauranteurs.

Many restaurants have struggled in recent years and there is naturally a concern that the sector might lose out as the market changes. Given the prominent economic and cultural role of restaurants, any impact on their businesses could have important consequences for urban life and the vitality of local economies.

via Deloitte

My family uses an on-demand service every… single… day.

Either it’s Whole Foods (i.e. “Amazon Fresh”) delivering us our daily groceries and protein or Good Eggs with their fresh produce to our late-night treats… the Saddington Family (the SF-based one) is single-handedly holding up the entire on-demand industry!

I am so spoiled.

But, this has definitely changed my perspective and relationship with local restaurants. For starters, we simply don’t frequent them that often—and that has an incredible, long-lasting impact on the local economy.

I really never gave it much thought until this weekend. Huh. Technology certainly wins… and I’m a benefactor in a lot of those changes. Thumbs wayyyyyyyy up.