Teeny Tokyo


For those that follow @DeskPM on Twitter you may have seen a few tweets about a very small image resizing app called Teeny Tokyo. There are two reasons why you should check this thing out:

  1. I’m building it publicly and sharing my thoughts on how I start an indie project from scratch! I’m trying to put everything that I can think of as I build via Teeny’s Changelog. You should sign-up and follow my posts!

  2. I’m thinking about a possible integration point between Teeny Tokyo and Desk. I’m not entirely sure how they’ll link up, but, at the very least I’ll be experimenting with some image editing features that I could move into Desk wholesale. Again, I’m not sold on any of these things quite yet but I’m in “exploratory” mode.

Let me know your thoughts and I hope you check it out. At the very least, it’ll be a good chance to peer inside my head as I build a small indie project.