13 More Tools for Testing the Performance of Your Blog

Body Builders train and "test" to the extreme. If we only did a fraction of that for our blogs...

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series.]

Developing great blog content is as much the actual content as the way in which it is delivered. I’ve spoken multiple times about this but it’s worth repeating: The speed of your blog impacts your search engine ranking and your user experience!

In fact, I mention this briefly in the first post of the Blog Content Series as one of the often-overlooked elements of your content strategy!

In addition, I’ve already shared 5 sites that help you test a web host as well as 10 sites to test site speed, page load, and caching but I wanted to share my entire list of “blog performance” resources that I use to test a blog so that you have everything that I have when doing diagnostic tests and such.

So here are 13 more tools for testing your blog so that you can optimize your blog to the max! Be certain that some of these are a bit more “nerdy” than the one’s previously mentioned; in other words, you might need a bit more technical knowledge to use them well.

Oh, and yes, I did in fact just say “to the max”.

1. Fiddler Debugging Tool

Fiddler is a browser-based HTTP debugging tool which enables you to analyze both incoming and outgoing traffic to your blog.

2. Cuzillion

Cuzillion helps you analyze how pages on your blog and the components can interact with each other. If you’ve got custom templates for your blog this can be especially helpful. The author is the same guy who created YSlow!

3. Httpperf by HP

httperf is a tool for measuring web server performance.

4. IBM Page Detailer

IBM Page Detailer is a graphical tool that enables web content providers to rapidly and accurately measure client side performance of web pages. Neato.

5. Monitor Us

Mon.itor.us offers elegant, all-in-one web server monitoring as a service for sysadmins, webmasters, bloggers, individuals and small busness owners.

6. PushtoTest – Test Maker

PushToTest Test Maker is a free tool to test your blogs scalability and performance.

7. Pylot Performance Tool

Pylot is a free, open-source performance and testing tool for your blog.

8. Wbox HTTP Testing

WBOX is a free HTTP testing tool. Analyze your server’s file compression capabilities.

9. Web Page Analyzer

Web Page Analyzer is a super-simple web-based performance tool.

10. Site Perf

Another simple tool to test load speed, Site Perf simulates natural browsing behavior and provides you the results.

11. JMeter – Apache Testing

JMeter allows you to test an Apache web hosting setup.

12. The Grinder

The Grinder is a java load testing framework tool. It helps you create automated tests for you as well.

13. Open Web Load

Open Web Load is an open-source load testing web app.

Finally, as I mentioned in the beginning, here are two other posts that cover performance-related tools and testing that you might want to check out:

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series. Image from sgroi.]