Testing 11-inch MacBook Air


There she is.

I’ve been meaning to take the 11-inch for a serious road test but I’ve never gotten around to it. Finally, with the newest update to the line recently and some good timing with a vacation to see my brother I’ve decided to give it a serious spin.

I picked one up from the Apple Store yesterday and spent most of the day configuring it for my workflow and applications. I purchased the fully-loaded version as you can see via my receipt here:


Fully loaded.

The online customization panel would have looked like this (it’s worth noting that if I do convert I’ll be replacing this a cheaper model as I don’t need 512GB of storage for example):

Top 'o' the line.

Top ‘o’ the line.

Why test? That’s easy:

  1. The performance of the 11-inch now competes directly with the 13-inch and easily clocks in better speeds with the upgraded chipsets. As a result you have a lighter and faster machine. Win? I think so.
  2. Distance from keyboard to edge. This might not sound like a big deal but the way that I hold my wrists and the way that I type makes this a really big deal. Over extended periods of use I’ll find that the 13″ starts biting into my wrists at the edge. I’ve theorized that the 11″ would not have this occur, which is a very painful experience. This can be seen in the screens below:




It might not actually look like much but it’s a world of difference for my physiology. That centimeter or so may make a world of difference.


There they are.

I will try it this week and then report back in a few. I’m excited about this test and I’m hopeful for the results! There will be no greater test than drafting and working in the seat of my car as my family travels up north.

Here’s hoping.

If you’ve made the switch in either direction I’d love to know your experience! Let me know.