Testing Medium…!

As I mentioned before, I’m definitely taking a look at Medium.com integration and have made some significant progress via the current API. There are definitely limitations to the current setup but I imagine that all of these things shall be improved in time!

Getting Creds!
Getting Creds!

As you can see, I’ve gotten my tokens and I’ve added it as an option in the Desk dashboard:


Connecting is super-easy too:

There we go...!
There we go…!

I have a build that works but it isn’t perfect quite yet as there are still some challenges with publishing images to the blog. Here’s the current flow and state of things:

  1. I can send images to Medium.com via the API can get back the URLs of these images but the images aren’t quite visible yet.
  2. On the JavaScript side of things I can replace the names of the images on these URLS but it’s not perfect yet and still pretty hacky…
  3. I’ve learned that the Medium.com doc doesn’t state in the best way how to do a lot of this but I’m figuring it out as I go along.

Stoked as many of my primary tests have worked (as you can see below):

Weare getting close.


We are getting close!

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