Testing Out Twenty Sixteen Theme

I’m currently checking out the new Default WordPress Theme for the next upcoming release (and calendar year): Twenty Sixteen. You can read the announce here.

I’ve been using the “Default” themes for quite some time and I really appreciate the work that gets done on them. I’ve really enjoyed using Twenty Fifteen for a while and even though I enjoy the reduction of design-distraction even I can get bored and desire a new coat of paint.

There have been a lot of criticisms about this new release but to be honest, I’m actually digging the throwback to a much simpler time. When I first started blogging this was really all of the “design” that you had, out of the box. In fact, the craziest thing that you could have done is gone with three columns instead of two.


Since the beginnings, though, blog design has been thrown into a very cyclical and predictable pendulum-like pattern where things go crazy design-wise and then revert back to a simpler form.

There was a time that I really did try to push the boundaries of the blog design even in my own usage but I realized that it just didn’t matter that much.

People didn’t subscribe to the blog because they wanted to look at the beautiful header or the intricacies of the sidebar UI/UX… they were hear for the prose and the words and the ideas. Sometimes they stayed for the conversation (when I had comments) but primarily they were there for the content.

And, even after 14 years (and counting) I’m still delivering something daily. It’s not always that great… in fact, most of the public stuff is honestly mediocre and borderline crap, but, I’ve realized that dedicating myself to the craft of writing for so long is much less about what I believe will be the outcause and value generated to others than what I am getting out of it for myself.

I mean, at the end of the day, I write for me and I’m not sure if that will ever change.

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