Today is Thanksgiving and I love this holiday. Why? Because one simply cannot escape the opportunity to consider all that one has and one is forced to encounter the stark truth that we are blessed beyond measure.

This day of celebration, typically with others, forces us to do a little bit of soul-searching, a bit of introspection, and begs us to encounter our own reality and admit that we are far better off than we could possibly imagine.

You see, every day you and I are faced with really tough challenges. If you’re trying to build something for yourself or turn a “side project” into something much, much more than you know what I’m talking about.

Whether these are work-related challenges or personal challenges or health issues, there are simply too many things that can wreck us emotionally and force us to think far too critically about our present state and that can lead us to complain, to have self-pity, and that may even lead to anxiety or fear or even self-hatred.

And so we forget to see the positive. We forget to see all the good that is happening. This is not to diminish or to negate or neglect the challenges that we face, it’s simply a reminder to balance all the negativity with all the positivity that exists before us.

Even in my own circumstance with Desk I see some of the following:

  • Criticism on social media, blogs, and the App Store.
  • A mounting list of bugs that threaten to shame me that I didn’t do good enough of a job testing.
  • A growing list of feature requests, many of them great and worthwhile, but make it difficult to prioritize and diagnose as “nice to haves” or critical to the continued growth and success of the app.
  • A complete lack of a pattern for daily sales which makes it feel like a roller coaster every single day with my emotions.

All these things are real, yet, what happens is that it can make me forget or ignore the following:

  • Amazing reviews on blogs, social media, and the App Store.
  • How much I’ve done right with the first version of the app.
  • The fact that people are purchasing it, becoming customers, and are publishing their stories to their blogs just as I had hoped.
  • A new and growing community of writers on

So this blog post serves as a personal reminder to acknowledge the challenges, as they are but to never forget all the good that has happened as well.

And, you know, if I’m completely honest, the fact that I even get a chance to create, to launch, and to maintain a product that I care about is a blessing. I’m so thankful that I get a shot at doing this and making it happen and that there are people in my life that love and support the work that I do.

I’m thankful. So thankful.