Thankful for… Tomorrow.


There’s so much to be thankful for as we look at the last 12 months since the last season of Thanksgiving – in fact, I am thinking about the same thing that I did last year in terms of being thankful for the future.

Now that I can look back at those 12 months with clarity it’s striking to think about how much has happened and how most of those things could never have been predicted. 12 months is far too distant for any realistic forecasting and even tomorrow is mostly unknown and unpredictable.

And yet that is exactly what I am thankful for because as far as I can tell there will be a tomorrow and it’ll be as bright (if not brighter) than it was today. I can be thankful for this very moment as I entertain the very near future and think fondly of it in all it’s glorious mystery.

As I stand here typing this in my in-laws kitchen waiting for my coffee to finish brewing on a very old Mr. Coffee system (I need the coffee functionally today, not so much for the pleasure and enjoyment of a decent cup) I think of what will happen tomorrow, what is on my proverbial roadmap, and I consider the fact that I even have the opportunity to do those things as precious and divine.

Tomorrow, my plan is to wake up before all the rest of my family and work on what I believe will be a considerable part of my future for 2014. I will concept and prototype, lay code and strategize features and fix bugs. I will write about the work and will share it publicly. I will do what I believe is what I’m supposed to do in the best ways that I know how.

It won’t be perfect and I’m sure I’ll be tempted to sleep in and do nothing instead, but I am unsure of how I will respond tomorrow when the cold bites deep into my legs as I stretch them awake. Regardless, I am thankful for tomorrow. I am thankful that I can see as far as that and feel good about my plans despite the possibility of it changing dramatically (i.e. I sleep in and enjoy the warm comfort of my covers).

I am thankful because I have the mind and the hands to do meaningful work. I am thankful that it sustains me in more ways than one, especially as it’s become less about the financial aspects and more about intrinsic satisfaction. I am thankful for tomorrow, just a little less than my gratitude for today.