New Blogging Space for Thanksgiving Week

I’ve decided to move my “office” into my kitchen this Thanksgiving week so as to be closer to the source of yummies all week long.

Seriously, my wife has been killing it in the kitchen and the leftovers from an early holiday party on Monday are still providing the goodness days later as we wait for… well, today!

I also get to stare at my youngest daughter as she nibbles on food and snacks. If you’re wondering what that neat contraption is on the opposite side of where I’m sitting it’s called “The Lobster” and is one of the best inventions for children of all time! We carry that thing with us wherever we go – it’s well worth the somewhat hefty price tag!

Incredible technology!

In any case, this new seating arrangement for the week has proven to keep me situated in the “action” and given me some good time to draft and create content – and the never-ending supply of coffee only a few feet away makes me smile.

A change-up in your environment is something smart and strategic if you’re going to keep your creative juices flowing – sometimes that’s all you need is a different view! The stools are also nice for my tush and rotate. So lovely.

Nothing too fancy but it’s doing the job.

Are you working somewhere else for the Thanksgiving holiday and break? Where are you blogging these days?