That, My Friends, is Sexy


Today was the last Sunday Service that I had
attended as a single man.  The Spirit spoke about
‘love thru action.’  Appropriate.

Went to a Watermark concert with my beloved.
It was great.  Thanks and much props to Ji who
gave me the opportunity to help out and be an usher.
YOU ROCK JI!  Cause, you just do.

As I was sitting in the back, listening to Watermark,
I was witnessing a husband and wife ministry team.
That is what I want, what I desire.  I want my marriage
to be a ministry, not just unto myself, but to others.
You can see that ‘thing,’ that source of energy if you
will, flowing from biblical marriages.  They just have
‘it,’ and you are encouraged, and want it too.

Two people who are madly in love with the Lord,
and who want to love Him together…  man, that,
my friends, is sexy.